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Advisor Software

MPI's Investment Advisor Software is designed to meet the unique needs of the RIA, while offering the same power as our institutional products. In this arena, we focus more on the research and reporting aspects of our software, with less emphasis on mass communications and database integration issues.

Our software applications can take your manager and portfolio research to the next level, allowing you to easily demonstrate your sophistication and depth of analysis to clients and prospects. The institutional quality of the reports and communication pieces that can be produced by our software will give the impression that you have your own in-house research and design departments!

MPI offers three advisor-oriented programs, each with its own character and value proposition: Stylus Pro Suite, Stylus and Stylus Web. An introduction to each product is listed below, along with links for more detailed information:

MPI Stylus Pro Suite

The MPI Stylus Pro Suite, is our flagship product and offers its users unlimited research and reporting capabilities. In addition to the functionality of Stylus (shown below), users of the Stylus Pro Suite have the ability to incorporate their own analytics, design their own templates and reports, automate repetitive tasks and create unique applications that address their specific needs.

MPI Stylus Suite

MPI Stylus Suite offers advisors a more affordable version of MPI Stylus Pro Suite, without having to sacrifice power and application. In fact, MPI Stylus Suite offers more advanced functionality than some of our competitors' top of the line versions, yet is offered by MPI at a fraction of the price.

MPI Stylus Web

MPI Stylus Web, MPI's online browser-based tool, is our most cost effective and advisor-focused software application. The focus here is on ease of use and speed in generating the reports and analysis that you need. Users of MPI Stylus Web are less concerned with creating their own custom reports and analysis templates, placing greater emphasis on being able to print out a detailed report in as few as five quick clicks. Also available for use on iPad, Android and Microsoft Surface tablets.