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What we offer

At MPI, it is our goal to provide the investment community with the finest research, reporting and publishing tools available. Although our products have always been associated with returns-based style analysis, this only begins to describe their full capabilities. In short, our software platform can act as the research and reporting engine for all of your information needs.

Because our products and services are utilized by both institutions and investment advisors, we have provided two distinct areas to address your unique needs and considerations. Additionally, we have also provided a dedicated area for you to learn about our Professional Services.

Institutional Software
MPI's Institutional Software is intended to meet the ever-changing needs of financial organizations and their professionals. Whether you work in research and analysis, performance measurement, risk management, institutional consulting, product development, asset management or sales and marketing, MPI has solutions to meet your unique needs.

Advisor Software
MPI's Investment Advisor Software is designed to meet the unique needs of the RIA, while offering the same power as our institutional products. In this arena, we focus more on the research and reporting aspects of our software, with less emphasis on mass communications and database integration issues.

Hedge Fund Analysis Software
Traditional Returns-Based Style Analysis (RBSA) has been relatively ineffective in the analysis of alternative investments – leaving a gap in due diligence efforts of Hedge Fund of Funds Managers. In response, MPI has developed a solution to this problem – Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA) – a patented pattern recognition technology that represents the first significant advance in this area since RBSA was first developed by Sharpe in 1992.

Professional Services
For over ten years, MPI has provided an unparalleled range of professional services to the financial industry. Our rare blend of development prowess, technological savvy and practical industry experience result in unique solutions that give your firm the advantage it's looking for. Although many of our consulting engagements involve or are in support of our software products, we have also developed many other unique solutions such as custom trading applications, complex portfolio optimization models and loss development modeling.

MPI has worked hard to accommodate the diverse data needs of our clients. We offer an extensive database of free indices as well as the flexibility to work with almost any provider of index or manager data. Additionally, clients may import their own proprietary data or link multiple proprietary and/or third party databases via Microsoft Excel or our optional Advanced Database package.