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Institutional Software

MPI's Institutional Software is intended to meet the ever-changing needs of financial organizations and their professionals. Whether you work in research and analysis, performance measurement, risk management, institutional consulting, product development, asset management or sales and marketing, MPI has solutions to meet your unique needs.

The power, flexibility and scalability of our institutional products allow organizations to eliminate repetitive tasks, integrate multiple databases, produce customized reports with unlimited content and easily distribute content across almost any medium.

MPI institutional software can also reduce or eliminate your dependency on other applications and support areas of your firm. Our database integration and automation capabilities can free you from repetitive tasks, dependence on IT or even the need for custom development. Additionally, our custom reporting and publishing features allow you to produce and disseminate exceptional quality content without graphic designers, publishing software or internal development.

For more detailed information on our specific software applications, please see the designated areas below:

MPI Stylus Pro Suite
Research, Analysis, Reporting and Publishing

The MPI Stylus Pro Suite, our flagship product, serves as the foundation for all of our institutional products and services. This is the engine that drives all of MPI's research and reporting capabilities. Additionally, our Optional Stylus Pro Modules can address other specific institutional needs.

MPI Stylus Web, MPI Stylus Server and MPI Stylus Suite
Distribution of Content and Analysis

These products offer organizations the ability to efficiently distribute dynamic , institutionally-approved content (fact sheets, reports, marketing pieces, client communications, etc.) and analysis to their own agents, clients or approved third parties.

MPI Enterprise Platform
Total Organizational Solutions

In an elegant and efficient manner, the MPI Enterprise Platform can streamline and automate the entire process of data integration, analysis, reporting, publishing and distribution of content across your entire organization. Our enterprise system embodies all that MPI stands for and reflects the intelligence, experience and client-focus of our firm.

Hedge Fund Analysis Software
Dynamic Style Analysis

Traditional Returns-Based Style Analysis (RBSA) has been relatively ineffective in the analysis of alternative investments, leaving a gap in due diligence efforts of Hedge Fund of Funds Managers. In response, MPI has developed a solution to this problem - Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA) - a new patent-pending pattern recognition technology that represents the first significant advance in this area since RBSA was first developed by Sharpe in 1992.