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MPI Stylus Pro Suite

The Stylus Pro Suite, our flagship software product, is the most advanced research and reporting platform available. Its unmatched flexibility and power make it the choice of investment professionals from all areas of the financial community and our most popular product. The platform seamlessly incorporates four modules to address your needs: MPI Stylus Pro, MPI Prospector, MPI Integrator and MPI Allocator. More than an "application", the Stylus Pro Suite enables you to create your own custom applications for use by your organization and, potentially, even approved clients or third parties.

Using the Stylus Pro Suite of tools, you can address and solve your most pressing research and reporting needs:

Research, Analysis, Consulting, Performance Measurement and Risk Management

  • Integrate all of your third party and proprietary data sources to analyze returns-based, holdings-based and/or qualitative information.
  • Analyze investment products across an unlimited spectrum of returns-based analytics
  • Achieve superior accuracy with our Locally-Weighted Regression (LWR) model
  • Uncover the sources of manager performance with our returns-based performance attribution features
  • Manage risk by measuring investment efficiency and, optionally, utilizing high frequency data to identify risks before they cause impact
  • Create custom statistics, performance measures, peer groups, etc.
  • Visually capture your analysis with almost unlimited graph, chart and table design capabilities
  • Create your own investment product rating systems with the optional Advanced Analytics
  • Use MPI Allocator to solve your asset allocation needs with our mean-variance analysis functionality

Product Development, Marketing and Sales

  • Quickly and easily create customized reports, fact sheets, marketing pieces, client communications, 401(k) participant pieces, etc.
  • Visually search, select and monitor investment products by utilizing our unique database analysis tool, MPI Prospector
  • Position and better market your investment products by visually comparing them to their peers across analytical factors of your choosing
  • Replicate almost any of your existing reports, fact sheets or marketing pieces

Reporting, Publishing and Distribution

  • Save time, money and resources by automating your analysis, reporting and publishing tasks
  • Batch process large publishing jobs for electronic or print communications
  • Incorporate returns-based, holdings-based and/or qualitative content into your reports and communications
  • Reduce dependence on IT, developers, graphic designers and publishing software
  • Distribute dynamic "on-the-fly" analysis and content over the internet (or intranet) with our MPI Stylus Server or MPI Stylus Web