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Stylus Pro v11

Version 11.2 of MPI’s Stylus Pro is equipped with enhancements that enable wealth/investment management organizations to generate the most recent statistics, provide detailed benchmark analysis, and design captivating reports.

Some key enhancements include:

Chart and Table Design

  • Visualize the historic trail of quantitative, qualitative or fundamental data within the Stylus Module with new historical analytics features.
  • Generate accurate reports from previous time periods with our new "as of date" reporting features.
  • Enhanced use of multiple benchmarks and peer groups within individual charts and graphs.
  • Bubble charts to bring a third dimension to traditional scatter plotting.
  • Access to greater flexible report design capabilities, with even more options for fine-tuning the look and feel of reports. Combined with our rich graphics, users can create captivating visuals that differentiate reports from the competition.
  • A new memo design that allows for further ease of creating highly customized reports; the design tool includes spell-check and simplifies color selection.
  • The ability to assign custom symbols and colors to indicators, and define shared attributes that make them common across all charts and tables, resulting in greater efficiency of adjusting groups of charts and tables.
  • An updated gallery, filled with new advanced charts and tables.

Advancements to MPI’s industry-leading investment analytics in v11.2:

  • Summarize or perform an additional layer of analysis on other statistics to create an almost limitless array of new insights with the new Summary Statistics block. For Example: show the percentage of the time that a manager appears in the top quartile of its peer group over 12 month rolling periods.
  • Create unique analytics & custom ratios that meet exact requirements with our new Custom Block feature.
  • Implementation of exponential decay to capital market estimates in Allocator. In addition, user-defined capital market assumptions, in Excel, can now be linked into Allocator to streamline the setup process and sharing of estimates.
  • Transaction costs (T-costs) that can either be factored into the optimization or used as a constraint.
  • Value at Risk and Conditional Value at Risk – The investment group functionality now allows users to see group-level standalone VaR, CVaR, risk and return.

Analyze. Visualize. Capitalize.

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MPI Stylus Pro Suite

Stylus 11 key feature video can be found here.