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Asset Managers

Any organization selling mutual funds or other managed accounts needs to properly position themselves against competitors, understand how they are being analyzed by potential clients and develop new products that stand out in the marketplace. MPI’s Stylus products excel in all these areas.

With MPI’s unique quantitative abilities, you can uncover powerful differentiators and storylines that may have otherwise remained hidden by less in-depth analysis. In trying to sell to institutional investors and other high-level analysts, you can have greater insight into how your products are being evaluated (as many are existing MPI clients). Additionally, our tools are used to back-test new or future products – even providing hypothetical third-party ratings. Of course, some firms prefer our software simply because it produces unrivaled and highly unique client materials!

  • Identify the key quantitative selling points for your products
  • Understand the analysis and thinking of your potential and existing clients
  • Back-test and produce historical ratings for new or hypothetical products
  • Run “hypotheticals” on existing products to test sensitivity
  • Produce new fund ratings before they are released by third-parties (get a head-start on your marketing)
  • Save huge amounts of time, energy and money with MPI’s unique Automation capabilities
  • Reduce the number of applications needed to produce your materials
  • Create almost unlimited content that meets your exact design standards
  • Integrate any kind of proprietary and third-party data for reporting (quantitative, qualitative and fundamental)
  • Differentiate your materials from competitors with highly unique and proprietary content and design elements
  • Professional quality publishing

Product Recommendations
Stylus Pro Suite, our flagship software product, is the most advanced research and reporting platform available. Its unmatched flexibility and power make it the optimal choice for asset management firms around the world.

    Optional Module Recommendations
  • Advanced Analytics: This module provides additional analytic features, specifically the ability to create custom manager ratings, scorecards or other custom analytics.
  • Automation: MPI’s automation capabilities turn Stylus Pro into an incredibly powerful and flexible publishing engine, allowing "one-click" production of fact sheets, reports, marketing materials, etc.