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Today’s global investment organizations have incredibly complex webs of data, simultaneous investment analysis in different business units, compliance demands and internal/external communications. Optimizing all of this activity is a challenge for such firms and improving efficiency is a highly sought after goal. MPI is one of the few firms in the world with the ability to greatly improve all of these areas.

MPI’s array of tools and solutions can help integrate multiple data sources, unify the research of multiple business groups, ensure that legal and compliance requirements are met (while providing flexibility to those that require it), incorporate data with other applications and optimally distribute dynamic content to clients and representatives in the field. Many firms already benefit by MPI’s unique and powerful Enterprise Solutions and we look forward to assisting yours as well!

  • Dramatically improve ROI through improved efficiency and reduced time, energy and expense
  • Reduce the need or scope of expensive in-house development
  • Unify and integrate multiple third-party and proprietary data sources (Excel, SQL, Access, Oracle, etc.) in one location
  • Create reports that integrate quantitative, qualitative and fundamental data
  • Produce powerful returns-based analytics and graphics to drive almost any application
  • Merge output with other PDF’s, reports or output
  • Automate the production of periodic reports and materials
  • Reduce the number of applications across the organization
  • Create almost unlimited content that meets your exact design standards
  • Specify multiple installation options: desktop, network, intranet and Internet
  • Lock-down various features, data sources and options to meet compliance mandates
  • Distribute dynamic content to different user groups or clients

Product Recommendations
Stylus Enterprise Platform is the most advanced research and reporting platform available. Its unmatched flexibility and power make it the optimal choice for investment organizations around the world.

Stylus Server, a client hosted, server-based calculation and graphics engine, can connect to almost any application to provide unlimited on-the-fly analytics and graphical content.

Stylus Web is a web-based tool that provides easy-to-use, streamlined access to dynamic reports and analysis that the home office has made available. For example, advisors in the field can instantly run an analysis on a proposed client portfolio that is both effective and compliant.

    Optional Module Recommendations
  • Advanced Analytics: This module provides additional analytic features, specifically the ability to create custom manager ratings, scorecards or other custom analytics.
  • Automation: MPI’s automation capabilities turn Stylus Pro into an incredibly powerful and flexible publishing engine, allowing "one-click" production of fact sheets, reports, marketing materials, etc.
  • Advanced Database: Users who require exceptional flexibility and ease-of-use in working with their proprietary databases will find many useful features in this module.
  • High Frequency Analysis: Capture additional portfolio dynamics; detect shifts more quickly with daily data and analyze a broad range of products using daily indices across asset classes and countries.