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Hedge Fund Analysts

Analyzing hedge funds is no easy task–there are thousands of hedge funds employing diverse strategies with limited transparency. Hedge fund analysts must understand a fund’s strategy, identify the risks, quantify the leverage and look out for fraud. MPI’s robust software solutions are the right tool for the job. MPI’s Stylus Pro Suite provides a combination of analytic firepower and exceptional flexibility that can take quantitative hedge fund analysis to a new level.

  • Detect rapid style shifts, leverage and shorting using Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA), MPI’s patented regression model
  • Understand systematic risk factors driving fund returns
  • Separate alpha from beta
  • Perform meaningful analysis with even six months of historical data
  • Reconcile performance with the manager’s stated strategy
  • Calculate superior returns-based analytics and proprietary validation techniques
  • Analyze portfolio statistics, perform “hypotheticals” and more
  • Build optimal portfolios with mean-variance optimization (MVO), Black-Litterman, Calibrated Frontiers (MPI’s proprietary resampling technique), multiple frontiers and much more
  • Create unlimited content, reports and template designs
  • Construct custom peer groups, analytics and manager rating systems
  • Link to your proprietary databases with ease
  • Automate repetitive processes and periodic reporting

Product Recommendations
The Stylus Pro Hedge Fund Pack is the most advanced research and reporting platform for hedge fund analysts. Its array of features has one purpose: to improve the quality and efficiency of hedge fund analysis.