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IT professionals need solutions to cost-effectively design, develop and deploy powerful web and desktop financial reporting applications. MPI’s products expand upon traditional utilities, offering a feature-rich platform with fully scalable database integration, statistical computation, graphical report-writing and automation/scripting engines.

MPI’s suite of tools may be used for targeted needs, such as building analytic warehouses with MPI automation and computation engine components, or used to their full capacity as turnkey, enterprise-wide financial reporting systems.

MPI’s Stylus tools provide organizations with a fully loaded set of utilities to build-upon existing capabilities and cost-effectively and confidently pursue new IT improvement initiatives without “building from scratch.”

  • Build custom applications with dramatically lower development costs, IT resources and future maintenance
  • Generate superior analytics with our best-of-breed calculation engine
  • Create unlimited reports, dashboards and any other visual content with our powerful reporting engine and SQL query capabilities
  • Automate repetitive processes, batch processing, integration with other applications and administration to meet specialized business rules
  • Integrate existing relational databases with ease
  • Dynamically generate and distribute template-based content in real-time
  • Increase existing capacity and scale with little cost
  • Integrate MPI-generated images, tables, text or numerical information into existing database and report-writing protocols
  • Optimize performance via multi-server, terminal server and built-in load-balancing functionality
  • Plan for the future with almost unlimited ability to create new content or modify existing to meet changing business requirements
    Product Recommendations
  • Stylus Enterprise Platform is the most advanced research and reporting platform available. Its unmatched flexibility and power make it the optimal choice of IT professionals.
  • Stylus Server, a client hosted, server-based calculation and graphics engine, can connect to almost any application to provide unlimited on-the-fly analytics and graphical content.
  • Stylus Web is a web-based tool that provides easy-to-use, streamlined access to dynamic reports and analysis that the home office has made available.