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Manager Research

Manager research teams require robust financial technologies to efficiently deliver high quality research intelligence and perform due diligence across a wide array of investment instrument products. MPI’s Stylus suite of products provide manager research groups with the tools to enhance the investment decision-making and monitoring capabilities.

MPI’s modular platform enables decision-making capacity across a diverse range of objectives within the traditional and alternative investment space: multi-level portfolio construction; advanced returns-based style analysis and quantitative modeling; performance measurement and attribution; back-testing and stress-testing; flexible and dynamic peer group construction; and much more.

The MPI suite offers a feature-rich platform with fully scalable database integration, unsurpassed analytics, incredibly flexible template/report design and automation engines. MPI’s Stylus products provide manager research organizations with best-in-class investment technology to build-upon existing research capabilities and cost-effectively pursue new areas of research.

  • Enhance statistical assessment, data management, and report production capacity to enable confident, effective, and credible investment research and monitoring decisions
  • Integrate existing relational and vendor databases
  • Capitalize on MPI’s superior investment analysis, quantitative modeling and performance measurement
  • Create custom manager rating system, back-test methods, peer groups and analytics
  • Powerful asset allocation module to design model portfolios and optimize portfolio construction
  • Automate repetitive activities, batch processing and administration to meet specialized business rules
  • Maximize productivity by consolidating asset allocation, performance measurement, risk analysis and report production within one platform - no more copy/pasting across multiple applications
  • Enhance early detection capabilities to uncover and identify questionable investment practices and support further due diligence efforts
  • Integrate MPI-generated graphs, tables and text or numerical information with the output of existing reports, databases and quality control processes
    Product Recommendations
  • Stylus Pro Suite our flagship software product, is the most advanced research and reporting platform available. Its unmatched flexibility and power make it the optimal choice of manager research professionals.
  • Stylus Server, a client hosted, server-based calculation and graphics engine, can connect to almost any application to provide unlimited on-the-fly analytics and graphical content.
  • Stylus Web is a web-based tool that provides easy-to-use, streamlined access to dynamic reports and analysis that the home office has made available.
    Optional Module Recommendations
  • Advanced Analytics: This module provides additional analytic features, specifically the ability to create custom manager ratings, scorecards or other custom analytics.
  • Automation: MPI’s automation capabilities turn Stylus Pro into an incredibly powerful and flexible publishing engine, allowing "one-click" production of fact sheets, reports, marketing materials, etc.
  • Advanced Database: Users who require exceptional flexibility and ease-of-use in working with their proprietary databases will find many useful features in this module.
  • High Frequency Analysis: Capture additional portfolio dynamics; detect shifts more quickly with daily data and analyze a broad range of products using daily indices across asset classes and countries.