Deployment Options

Stylus can be delivered as a desktop, enterprise-hosted or cloud-deployed solution, each version was developed to meet a specific set of organizational and technological preferences. Pick a solution that is right for you.

MPI Stylus Pro

Our flagship application, Stylus Pro is our most advanced solution. Comprised of four distinct modules―Stylus, Prospector, Allocator, Integrator―and delivered as a desktop application, Stylus Pro provides a powerful quantitative solution to meet the investment research, analysis and reporting needs of institutional investors, consultants, asset managers and retirement plan advisors.

MPI Stylus Server

MPI Stylus Server offers the full power of Stylus Pro as a back-end solution that seamlessly integrates with proprietary or third-party web and enterprise applications for custom investment research, analysis and reporting. It also serves as an engine for client and advisor portals to deliver instant investment analysis and standardized report creation and distribution capabilities.

MPI Stylus Web

MPI Stylus Web is a powerful cloud-based reporting solution that delivers a robust, cost-efficient investment research, analysis and reporting solution for marketing your business and managing client accounts. Retirement plan advisory teams leverage Stylus Web to provide deeper insights into manager and portfolio comparisons and deliver more dynamic plan level reports.