Infinity Q: Not Your Parent’s Mutual Fund

MPI Fund Insights Series: Webinar April 8, 2021 & April 15, 2021

Infinity Q: Not Your Parent’s Mutual Fund

As widely reported in recent days, the Infinity Q Diversified Alpha Fund ($1.8 billion AUM as of Jan 2021) has suspended redemptions. Such cases point to the proliferation of hedge fund-like products now parading as 40-Act mutual funds and how investors may not be well positioned to assess the risks of these complex products.

MPI’s webinar will examine how our proprietary quant models can help explain alt strategies, expose hidden risks, and provide early indications of potential trouble.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Are mutual fund investors getting enough information to understand the risks of alt strategies?
  • Can systematic factor exposures effectively explain a fund that uses derivatives, leverage, and shorting?
  • At what point should large and overly consistent alpha be considered a red flag?

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