Helping the world’s leading institutional investors, consultants, asset managers and plan advisors achieve deeper insights that drive smarter investment decisions.

Who we are

For more than 25 years, we have harnessed cutting edge quantitative analytical thinking and research to develop practical applications for the global wealth and asset management industry.

In the early 90s, we were the first firm to build a commercial application based on Noble laureate Bill Sharpe’s groundbreaking concept of returns-based style analysis. Since that time, we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of investment research, analytics and reporting solutions leveraging a number of MPI patented models and proprietary techniques.

Among the most notable of those patented innovations is our proprietary Dynamic Style Analysis, a predictive and adaptive model designed to provide a more precise and transparent view of complex or opaque investment product performance, like hedge funds, private equity, structured and fixed-income products.

This innovative spirit has come to define our company, and it motivates us to identify and create solutions that drive our clients and the industry forward.

Our MPI Stylus solutions are used by the world’s leading financial institutions to make smarter investment research, portfolio construction and optimization, performance analysis, risk surveillance, distribution and reporting decisions.

MPI Stylus can be delivered as a desktop, enterprise-hosted or cloud-delivered solution, with each option designed to meet a specific set of enterprise requirements. Our Enterprise Solutions team can also provide custom configuration, implementation and integration services to ensure your solution delivers optimal enterprise value.

We are an independent, privately owned company with North American headquarters in Summit, NJ, and regional offices across Europe and Asia.