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For the past 20 years Texas Teachers Retirement System’s performance mimics the average of large public pensions tracked by MPI Transparency Lab.

Developed through a partnership with BarclayHedge, a unique investable benchmark delivers consistent performance and low risk, while preserving downside protection benefits of the managed futures strategies.

MPI Transparency Lab projects a complete reversal of FY2022 results for U.S. public pensions with last fiscal year’s winners projected to have low single digit returns in FY2023. Funds are lagging due to their exposure to poor performing private equities and commodities and winning because of exposure to global equities.

Endowments and pensions continue to post gains, but exposure to private markets pushes many below benchmarks

MPI Transparency Lab Analyst Commentary

MPI Transparency Lab Analyst Commentary

About eight years ago, Columbia University’s endowment had a 10-year return that was one of the best in class, together with MIT and Yale.

Most endowments have been propped up by a similar concentration in private assets. The ones that suffered the worst, however, couldn’t have been more different in their approach.

Yale’s been cutting private equity and real estate for years to stay liquid. Did they cut too much, or did they find the right balance for FY2022?

MPI is continuing its long tradition of bringing you special insights into the true drivers of endowment performance and risk. Stay tuned for the launch of our new Endowments research hub, and exciting daily updates throughout the FY2022 reporting season.