Latest Research

Is there a complex or opaque fund segment or peer group that you would like us to add to our research library? If so, please reach out to let us know.

Berkshire Hathaway had exceptional performance so far this year. We use quantitative analysis of its stock returns to provide some clues.

Using MPI’s Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA), we analyzed 600 equity hedge funds to assess their exposure to Russian equities

PIMCO Income fund had some of the largest by size exposure to Russian debt. We use quant tools to monitor daily the size and impact of this segment on the fund’s performance from the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine.

A fund’s alpha is at the core of a class-action lawsuit.

Does alleged index hugger American Century Value really belong on the naughty list?

A smart Coinbase investment launched Duke into rare heights in FY 2021. We use MPI Stylus to estimate the size of Duke’s Coinbase position and its impact on this year’s results.

Haunted by the ghosts of 2009, Harvard endowment’s lower risk appetite still pays off with a 33.6% return.

Bowdoin College Endowment has been outperforming all Ivies on a 10-year basis since 2015 with its latest FY2021 result bringing it to 14.4%, an almost impossible number to beat.

UPenn’s $20.5 Billion endowment posted a return of 41.1% for FY 2021, driven by strong returns in private equity and venture capital.

We argue that Sharpe Ratios could be hugely deceiving for derivative strategies – especially if they are in an outlier category as it was the case for the Allianz Structured Alpha funds.