MPI solutions and research are frequently featured in a number of financial and investment media outlets.

Vanna and the Big Put: unusual suspects in a market mystery is citing research from MPI, J.P. Morgan and Societe Generale in their analysis of January 24th, 2022 market reversal: “MPI, which runs a replication index tracking 20 large systematic traders, says those firms (most likely) cut their S&P 500 exposure from 6.5% on January 18 to 0% by January 24.”

Fund analysts defend $2.5bn American Century strategy against claims of ‘closet indexing’

CEO and Co-founder Michael Markov discusses MPI’s analysis of claims that the American Century Value fund is a ‘closet indexer’ with Citywire.

Endowments Bearing Crypto Risks Reap Returns

FundFire cites MPI’s analysis of Duke University endowment’s 2021 annual returns, which estimates its position in Coinbase at approximately $1.3 billion.

Did Coinbase Contribute to Duke’s Stellar Year?

Co-founder and CEO Michael Markov explores how Duke University’s endowment hit a grand slam this season with their Coinbase play in Institutional Investor’s latest article on MPI’s research series on university endowments in fiscal year 2021.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Drove Outsized Returns at Bowdoin, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania

Institutional Investor features MPI’s latest research series on university endowments in fiscal year 2021. In the article, Co-founder and CEO Michael Markov discusses how asset allocation played a far more important role in returns than manager selection.

How Did Investors End Up on the Other Side of This Trade?

“MPI deconstructs complex volatility strategies to find that many investors might have been doing the opposite of what they thought,” writes Julie Segal from Institutional Investor in her article about MPI’s analysis of the Structured Alpha hedge fund.

The Real Return Driver Behind Brown University’s FY20

AlternativesWatch’s Susan Baretto explores how MPI’s patented analysis technique — Dynamic Style Analysis, was used to dissect Brown University’s endowment annual returns, providing a plausible explanation of the outlier’s spectacular FY20 results.


Ivy League Endowments Underperform 60-40 Portfolio, Again

Read more on MPI’s annual assessment of the Ivy League Endowments, featured in Chief Investment Officer, where our analysts provide a deeper look into FY20 performance and the likely reasons behind the sharp drop over FY19.