Financial News

Gars isn’t too big – it’s just made bad calls

At Standard Life Investments the Global Absolute Return Strategies group of funds has swollen to £50 billion in size. Fears about it growing too large have surfaced frequently in 2016 as performance has dropped off dramatically. Read more on Financial News.

Paulson undone by sector picking

Daniel Li and Alexandre Dussaucy’s analysis on Paulson Advantage Funds is featured in Financial News. This analysis takes a close look into concentrations and leverage exposures of some of the largest hedge funds.

From zeroes to heroes at Carmignac Patrimoine

A chart from MPI research article is selected as chart of the week in Financial News. The chart shows the dramatic comeback of Carmignac Patrimoine in terms of both absolute and relative performance during the summer of 2011.

Madoff Claims “Too Good to be True”

Michael Markov interviewed by Financial News: “as long ago as 2006 MPI concluded that Madoff’s were ‘most likely not real.'”