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Successful go-anywhere bond funds kept bets in check – but was performance due to skill or luck?

InvestmentNews‘ asset management reporter Trevor Hunnicutt utilizes MPI’s research on nontraditional bond funds from Senior Analyst Sean Ryan and commentary from President Jeff Schwartz for an extensively reported article on “go-anywhere” bond funds. Hunnicutt writes “MPI argues that quantitative factor analyses of funds can say more about returns that simply looking at periodically produced lists of the securities that the funds hold.” Schwartz cautions “We don’t think a lot of people invested in these products know how to benchmark them.”

Safe go-anywhere funds starting to mirror volatile asset classes

InvestmentNews asset management reporter Trevor Hunnicutt quotes MPI President Jeff Schwartz in a story on the risks and particularities of “go-anywhere” bond funds as high yield, low quality securities fall out of favor. Referencing MPI research on the nontraditional bond fund category, Schwartz discusses how tactical mandates present risk management challenges, how advisors struggle with proper asset allocation of unconstrained funds and the huge deviations from manager to manager that are more representative of hedge funds.

Legg Mason and MPI

InvestmentNews’ technology reporter Davis Janowski writes about the novel way Legg Mason has customized MPI Stylus Web to help plan advisors better serve plan sponsors, including usage of Common Style and comparative reporting capabilities. See more about the case study on Investment News.

Stylus Web, plan-level reporting tool, is available for financial advisers

InvestmentNews’ Davis Janowski profiles MPI’s new Stylus Web product, answering the advisor need for “all-in-one-tools” in the 401(k)/DC and DB markets. Additional software features and benefits can be accessed here.

Keeping an Eye on Stable-Value and Long-Short Funds

Michael Markov shares his insights on risk with InvestmentNews.

Bayou Collapse Sends a Warning Signal

In this Investment News round-up of the recent Bayou hedge fund investigation, Michael Markov from MPI comments on warning signs that were apparent in the case.