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Ivy League Endowment Returns Depended on One Decision: VC or PE?

An extensive coverage by Julie Segal in her Institutional Investor article of the MPI’s 9-th annual Ivy League endowment report. She writes: “With little transparency into endowment portfolios, MPI used its proprietary returns-based style analysis to determine the exposure that the Ivy League and elite colleges had to major asset classes — and their contribution to the performance of the entire portfolio in fiscal year 2023… Even in a good year, “you’re not going to get a lot of transparency,” Markov [MPI’s CEO] told Institutional Investor. “But in a bad year, you’ll get zero transparency from endowments. It’s not pensions where they have to give something to people.”

Private Assets Drove Endowment and Pension Returns Last Year. Now They Are a Drag

Michael Thrasher with Institutional Investor provides an overview of MPI Transparency Lab’s FY2023 performance projections for major pensions and endowments in his article
Private Assets Drove Endowment and Pension Returns Last Year. Now They Are a Drag. He writes “…from returns you can glean a lot of information: risk, the skill, the trend, the style drift, you name it,” MPI chief executive Michael Markov said. Strategies change sometimes. When things don’t add up, there is a red flag.” Among MPI’s customers are U.S. regulators, who use its tools to surveil funds…

How a Basket of ETFs Mimicked the Performance of Top Hedge Funds

Institutional Investor article by Julie Segal based on the eight-year track record of MPI Eurekahedge 50 Tracker Index raises an important question: if the collective wisdom of top hedge fund managers results in index-like performance why take risks, headache and expense investing in large number of individual funds?

What Really Drove Losses at Four Major Endowments

It’s no surprise that many endowments have had a tough year. But the reasons these organizations struggled weren’t all the same, as Institutional Investor showed in a story based exclusively on MPI’s research and Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA) and Stylus Pro technologies behind it.

Hedge Funds Won’t Want to Hear This

“Evidence is piling up that allocators may be better off replicating the returns of the best hedge funds — a more complex version of indexing — rather than investing in them directly, ” writes Julie Segal with Institutional Investor in her piece about MPI’s latest research on Eurekahedge 50 index, developed in partnership with Eurekahedge, and the MPI Eurekahedge 50 Tracker.

Crypto Hedge Funds Deliver Bitcoin- Like Returns Without the Volatility

“In an exclusive analysis for Institutional Investor, Markov Processes International concluded that that cryptocurrency hedge funds tend to perform on par with Bitcoin but with less downside risk. The analysis also found a large amount of dispersion between funds,” writes Alicia McElhaney from Institutional Investor in her article “Crypto Hedge Funds Deliver Bitcoin- Like Returns Without the Volatility.” Please read the MPI research report here.

Here’s a Snapshot of Equity Hedge Funds’ Exposure to Russia

“The type of analysis that MPI provides is particularly useful for determining broad exposures and risks in cases where data on underlying positions is not readily available — opaque hedge funds are a perfect example of this,” writes Julie Segal from Institutional Investor in her article covering latest MPI research.

Did Coinbase Contribute to Duke’s Stellar Year?

Co-founder and CEO Michael Markov explores how Duke University’s endowment hit a grand slam this season with their Coinbase play in Institutional Investor’s latest article on MPI’s research series on university endowments in fiscal year 2021.

MPI Announces Key Drivers of Performance at Bowdoin, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania

Institutional Investor features MPI’s latest research series on university endowments in fiscal year 2021. In the article, Co-founder and CEO Michael Markov discusses how asset allocation played a far more important role in returns than manager selection.

How Did Investors End Up on the Other Side of This Trade?

“MPI deconstructs complex volatility strategies to find that many investors might have been doing the opposite of what they thought,” writes Julie Segal from Institutional Investor in her article about MPI’s analysis of the Structured Alpha hedge fund.