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Five Years After Its Launch, the MPI BEST20 Tracker Index Closely Captures the Performance of Elite Managers

SUMMIT, NJ | NewsDirect| July 25, 2023 01:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time

 Markov Processes International, Inc. (“MPI”), a leading independent FinTech provider of technology and services for analyzes of alternative investments, today released five-year performance data for the MPI BEST20 Tracker Index, an investible benchmark showing that it is possible to capture diversification and risk-mitigation benefits of some of the most sophisticated systematic trading strategies.

In 2018, MPI partnered with BarclayHedge to develop the MPI Barclay Elite Systematic Traders Index (BLOOMBERG: MPBEST20) to provide a more representative benchmark for an institutional portfolio of hedge funds focused on managed futures. The index comprises the 20 largest systematic traders reporting to the BarclayHedge database. At the same time, MPI also launched the MPI BEST20 Tracker Index (BLOOMBERG: MBEST20T) that aims to closely track the performance of the hedge fund benchmark using liquid, transparent exchange-traded funds.

“Five years ago, we came to realize that the proliferation and diversity of systematic trading strategies coupled with a wide range of their outcomes virtually begged for an investible benchmark to measure their performance,” said Michael Markov, founder and chief executive officer of MPI. “The result is industry-first benchmark that captures common trade signals of the group of 20 elite systematic traders delivering consistent performance with low volatility.”

Five-year performance data shows the index is truly representative of elite managed futures strategies, and the tracker provided attractive returns during major equity market drawdowns while delivering positive returns at other times.

“BarclayHedge’s indices, including the MPI Barclay Elite Systematic Traders Index, have long represented a veritable gold standard for measuring the performance of systematic traders,” reflected Ben Crawford, Vice President of Research at BarclayHedge. “Now, through our partnership with MPI, we are proud to have contributed another cutting-edge capability to the managed futures industry’s toolkit: The industry’s first investible managed futures benchmark, the MBEST20 Tracker Index. Today, whether you’re a CTA investor, a hedge fund manager, or the sponsor of an alternative ETF or UCITS product, the MBEST20 Tracker Index can provide you with an indispensable yardstick for what’s truly achievable with an allocation to systematic managed futures funds.”

It is well documented that incorporating managed futures in a portfolio can enhance returns, mitigate risks, and improve diversification. However, finding the right benchmark has been elusive for many investors. MPI’s index construction approach represents a logical evolution in the history of hedge fund performance tracking. First generation hedge fund indices sought to measure the performance of the entire industry, which introduced biases that skewed results. MPI’s Hedge Fund Index model seeks to correct for this shortcoming by targeting elite subsets of hedge funds to create a more stable, accurate gauge for measuring performance.

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Markov Processes International Inc. (MPI) is a leading provider of solutions for investment research, analysis and reporting to the global wealth and investment management industry. MPI works with more than 200 client organizations, including pensions and endowments, sovereign wealth funds, global wealth management firms, institutional consultants, regulators, investment advisors and asset managers. Rooted in the principles of transparency, objectivity, and efficiency, MPI takes an innovative approach to problem solving in the areas of fund analysis, risk management, asset allocation, and reporting to ensure that its clients have the tools to succeed in ever-more-crowded markets. Follow us on Twitter @MarkovMPI and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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BarclayHedge, a division of Backstop Solutions Group, maintains data on more than 7,000 hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs to assist institutional investors, brokerage firms and private banks worldwide save time and resources by providing data for research and due diligence, performance benchmarking, marketing and strategy replication. Connect with us on LinkedIn.

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