Surveillance-Woodford Case

MPI Webcast Series: September 12, 2019

Case Review of Woodford Equity Income Fund

While we could not have predicted the events that led up to the eventual suspension of the fund, we did find that the fund stood out as an outlier relative to its peers across multiple surveillance screens.

We believe looking at the fund through such a surveillance lens
can help investors, regulators, internal risk teams, and even compliance stay ahead of potential problems as an important piece of their risk mitigation process.

In this webcast, we will:

    • 1. Validate the peer group, benchmark, and factor map
  • 2. Review and interpret the custom analytics/surveillance flags
  • 3. Discuss how to “apply” to other asset classes, investment instruments
  • 4. Open Q&A


  • Rohtas Handa, EVP, Head of Institutional Solutions, MPI
  • Daniel Li,PhD, Director of Fund Research, MPI

Webcast Dates:

  • Thursday, September 12, at 6am PDT / 9 am EDT / 2pm BST
  • Thursday, September 12, at 11am PDT / 2 pm EDT / 7pm BST

This event occurred in the past. Please let us know if you would like to request more information