The 401K Wire

MPI Unveils a New TDF Tool for KPAs

The 401kWire’s Lande Asiru breaks the news of the launch of MPI Target-Date Radar, “a tool that helps 401(k) plan advisors better select TDFs for plan sponsors, supporting them in meeting their fiduciary obligations.” The defined contribution-focused publication provides an overview of how the tool works. Click here to read the press release.

As 2008 Fades From View, Watch Those Scorecards

The 401kWire’s Neil Anderson references new research from MPI’s Megan Woods and Jeff Schwartz on the need to monitor the way mutual funds rank in traditional Defined Contribution scorecards as the impacts of the Financial Crisis fade from the 5 year window commonly used in fund screens and rating systems. The elimination of the Crisis downmarket has led to rapid changes in the way funds rank and overall volatility in fund rating systems. See the full research, “Crisis in the Rearview Mirror”.