Markov Processes International

Creating a Deeper Connection with The Advisor Through Portfolio Consulting

A leading asset management firm realized that it had become increasingly difficult to maintain AUM when it is tied to performance alone. Some of their largest competitors are increasingly providing in-depth portfolio analysis to advisors as a complimentary service to help market their product. Many of the RIAs and advisors to whom they market need support to conduct in-depth portfolio analysis and reporting. Our client wanted to make sure they too offered a sophisticated solution, while providing a more consultative, technology-driven relationship with their advisor clients – one that offered a deeper level of engagement and a solution that could mitigate unintended risks while adding consistency to portfolio performance.

Key Challenges

MPI Solution

MPI helped the asset manager address these challenges by delivering an end-to-end portfolio analysis solution while reducing the pain of creating complex and dynamic reports. By working with MPI, the asset manager enjoyed the following benefits which helped strengthen its relationship with its own clients:

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