Dissecting Complex Fixed Income

MPI Fund Insights Series: Client Exclusive Webinar and Workshop Dec 12, 2019

What Drives the Performance of the World’s Largest Active Fixed Income Fund?

Over the past 10 years, PIMCO Income fund (PIMIX) has been the top performing fund in its category and the only one in the top quartile 10 years running. However, in 2019 the fund has fallen to the bottom quartile. Using this fund as an example, we will demonstrate how returns-based analysis can be used to analyze complex fixed income products without delving into volumes of complex holdings reported with a lag.

In this webinar, we will provide the following insights:

  • What the most significant drivers of the fund’s past performance were
  • What contributes to its 2019 YTD underperformance
  • What it means for investors going forward
  • Choosing “factor map” for unconstrained fixed income
  • Defining parameters and interpreting results
  • Dealing with currency-hedged share classes

Webinar Dates:

  • Wednesday December 18 at 11am EST / 4pm GMT
  • Stay tuned for the upcoming session on in-depth quantitative analysis of Bridgewater’s Pure Alpha and AllWeather funds

This event occurred in the past. Please let us know if you would like to receive the webcast slides or set up a presentation for your team.

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