MPI Announces 2022 Fiscal Year Performance Projections for Major Endowments

Using proprietary methodology MPI research team provided FY2022 performance estimates for major private asset benchmarks and university endowments including Ivies - weeks before results will be announced.

August 11, 2022

MPI Research team projected Ivies to have an average loss of -2.9%, with Yale potentially gaining 2.4%. Larger endowments ($1B or more) expected to lose 5.4%, while smaller endowments’ ($500M-$1B and $100M-$500M) losses will be higher at -7.2% and -7.4% respectively. These projections represent a valuable data point for CIOs looking for peer comparisons while valuing their portfolios. Read the entire report below:

The Summer of Their Discontent: FY2022 Endowment Performance Projections | Markov Processes International