MPI Stylus Server 

Delivering the full power of Stylus Pro as a back-end solution that seamlessly integrates with proprietary or third-party web and enterprise applications for custom investment research, analysis and reporting.

The power and simplicity of Stylus Server lies in its template-based architecture. Report templates can be designed once, loaded into Stylus Server and then managed, updated and enhanced by your proprietary or third-party applications.

Its flexibility and ease of integration makes Stylus Server an ideal engine for driving enterprise-wide reporting functions. The solution also serves as an engine for client and advisor portals to deliver instant investment analysis and standardized report creation and distribution capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Integrate the full functionality of Stylus Pro’s quantitative analytics capabilities into your firms existing reporting workflow.
  • Give clients and internal teams a more dynamic view of investment performance.
  • Empower your team to generate institutional quality reports and presentations in real-time for either print or web distribution.
  • Ensure consistency and control over your firm’s library of investment reporting documents.

Key Features

  • Create and load a catalogue of report templates for instant report creation and distribution for internal and external audiences, reducing overall costs and improving team efficiency.
  • Designate multiple user groups, each with access to specific templates, reports, databases and privileges to meet your business and compliance needs.
  • Incorporate your firm’s proprietary investment policy statement, scorecards, watch lists and rating systems.

Make your Stylus Server solution even more powerful with one of our Optional Stylus Server packages. Need an out-of-the-box reporting solution? We recommend you look into MPI Stylus Web.