M a r k o v
A n a l y t i c s
P r o c e s s e s
T e c h n o l o g y
I n t e r n a t i o n a l
R e s e a r c h
M a r k o v
A n a l y t i c s
P r o c e s s e s
T e c h n o l o g y
I n t e r n a t i o n a l
R e s e a r c h
M a r k o v
A n a l y t i c s
P r o c e s s e s
T e c h n o l o g y
I n t e r n a t i o n a l
R e s e a r c h
P r o c e s s e s
T e c h n o l o g y
Analytics Technology Research

MPI delivers advanced portfolio analytics to help fund buyers make smarter, more informed decisions, while offering fund sellers deeper insight into the style, performance and risk characteristics of their product sets.

New Research Infinity Q: Too Much Alpha

Using MPI’s quantitative surveillance framework we discover a slew of red flags that could have alerted investors in the Infinity Q Diversified Alpha fund.

New Analytics MPI Risk Solutions

Now providing advanced stress-testing features that deliver insight into fund performance across various regimes and hypothetical scenarios.

New Technology Target-Date Radar

The leading TDF analysis and reporting solution for DC Advisors is now available to support the unique needs of TDF product and sales teams.


MPI Stylus Solutions

A comprehensive suite of quantitative investment analytics and reporting solutions

Asset Owners & Consultants

Improve your investment analytics and portfolio optimization capabilities

Fund Research

Achieve deeper analytical insights and deliver your team actionable investment intelligence

MPI Hedge Fund Indices

Better benchmarks for measuring institutional quality hedge fund performance

Advisors & Wealth Managers

Better market your expertise and improve client outcomes

Portfolio & Risk Analysis

Better understand and explain individual fund or manager impact on overall portfolio dynamics

Target-Date Radar

A powerful TDF analysis and comparison tool for plan advisors

Asset Managers

Gain a competitive edge in the design, launch and marketing of your funds and products

Monitoring & Surveillance

Identify and articulate a more nuanced story about investment performance

Enterprise Solutions

Custom Stylus configuration and implementation services tailored to meet your unique needs

Retirement Plan Advisors

Improve your plan creation, monitoring and reporting capabilities

Automated Reporting

Generate and distribute dynamic investment insights to internal teams, clients and prospects
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    Media Coverage

    CEO and Co-founder Michael Markov discusses MPI’s analysis of claims that the American Century Value fund is a ‘closet indexer’ with Citywire.

    “The quantitative analysis firm has a method for back-solving portfolios using returns rather than squishy self-reported allocations, and produced a study for Institutional Investor,” writes Leanna Orr about MPI in her article “David Swensen Is Great for Yale. Is He Horrible for Investing?”  

    “Markov Processes International… uses a model to infer what returns would have been from the endowments’ asset allocations. This led to two key findings… ” John Authers cites MPI’s 2017 Ivy League Endowment returns analysis in his weekly Financial Times Smart Money column.

    Chris Flood from The Financial Times talks about MPI’s technology, its ability to reverse engineer hedge fund returns and applications from fund selection to managing risk and detecting potential fraud. “MPI’s software provides valuable insights into how a hedge fund delivers returns. It can help an investor understand whether a manager is adding value. If some […]

    “This method allows firms to effectively deduce strategies at other firms and avoid potential counterparty risks, without being forced to wade through information…” The article “Criminal minds and increased surveillance” highlights MPI’s technology for non-intrusive Oversight and Surveillance.

    “Michael Markov, C.E.O. of MPI, a quantitative research firm, said calculations using daily prices of AXA Rosenberg’s mutual fund portfolios suggest that by early 2009, there was “an apparent aberration” in the funds.” The New York Times’ Jeff Sommer features MPI’s analysis in a story “The Tremors From a Coding Error”.

    “…(MPI) was hired by a fund two years ago to look into Fairfield Sentry’s returns and found that it was “statistically impossible to replicate them.”  New York Times article “In Fraud Case, Middlemen in Spotlight”  discusses how MPI found warning signs in Madoff’s returns.

    “To folk who want to invest in hedge funds, as well as those who want to invest like hedge funds, Markov Processes has a lot to offer…” The Economist article “In the garden of good and evil” discusses MPI’s expertise in quantitative analysis and replication of hedge funds

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