Retirement Plan Advisory

Comprehensive 401(k) and defined-contribution plan construction, monitoring and reporting solutions for retirement advisory teams.

Retirement Plan Advisory

Scaling your retirement plan advisory business requires that you understand the needs of sponsors and their employees, can demonstrate with precision and clarity that your plan will best address those needs, and have the ability to share dynamic investment insights between home and field offices.

MPI Stylus solutions helps you achieve this goal and distinguish your offerings from the competition, whether your marketing your business, distributing home office intelligence to the field or managing customized plans for your clients.

Improve Plan Recommendations

Our solutions enable advisors to create, distribute and deliver powerful investment insights to prospects and clients at each stage of your relationship. Whether performing individual fund analysis before a first meeting or screening a larger fund universe to find opportunities to improve client portfolio dynamics, the MPI Stylus suite of solutions empowers you with tools to differentiate your offering and win new business.

  • Generate powerful and unique analysis that differentiate you from the competition
  • Optimize client portfolios with mean-variance optimization (MVO), Black-Litterman, multiple frontiers and more
  • Leverage flexible analytics and charting tools to support your recommendations

Streamline Report Creation & Distribution

Producing the analysis and reporting required to win and retain new clients can burden even for the largest of firms, let alone independent investment advisors. The MPI Stylus suite of solutions helps you streamline your reporting process, improve operational efficiency and reduce business costs.

Instead of juggling multiple analytics and reporting applications to produce the content your team requires, leverage a single solution that enables you to seamlessly conduct sophisticated returns-based analysis and produce institutional quality reports ready for distribution to internal teams, clients and prospects.

  • Produce institutional quality reports to retain clients and win new business
  • Integrate returns-based, holdings-based and qualitative investment information into a single report
  • Automate the production of factsheets, client reports and internal research

Stylus Web for Retirement Plan Advisors

MPI Stylus Web offers advisors the power of MPI Stylus Pro reporting and distribution capabilities with the ease and speed of a cloud-deployed solution. With Stylus Web, advisors can run in-depth product, manager and portfolio analysis, and create and distribute highly customized, institutionally approved reports over the web, supporting organizational flexibility while ensuring report consistency across your firm.

  • Reduce production costs and resources, while generating powerful content that will differentiate you from the competition.
  • Select from a catalog of MPI templates: plan level (multi-asset class), single manager, fact sheets, manager comparison, portfolio and portfolio comparison.
  • Easily meet all legal, compliance and design standards within a single reporting application.
  • Distribute to both internal and external constituents, including wholesalers, institutional salespeople, advisors, clients and other third parties.

Stylus Server for Retirement Plan Advisors

MPI Stylus Server offers the full power of Stylus Pro as a back-end analytics and reporting solution that seamlessly integrates with proprietary or third-party web and enterprise applications for custom investment analysis and reporting. It also serves as the engine for client and advisor portals to deliver instant and standardized report creation and distribution capabilities.

Need an out-of-the-box research and reporting solution? We recommend you look into MPI Stylus Web.