MPI solutions and research are frequently featured in a number of financial and investment media outlets.

Madoff Claims “Too Good to be True”

Michael Markov interviewed by Financial News: “as long ago as 2006 MPI concluded that Madoff’s were ‘most likely not real.'”

Con of the Century

MPI’s analysis of the Madoff fraud is featured in the Economist.

MPI Found Warning Signs in Madoff’s Returns in 2006

“…(MPI) was hired by a fund two years ago to look into Fairfield Sentry’s returns and found that it was “statistically impossible to replicate them.”  New York Times article “In Fraud Case, Middlemen in Spotlight”  discusses how MPI found warning signs in Madoff’s returns.

Opalesque Exclusive

Opalesque features MPI’s reverse engineering of hedge fund portfolios and its ability to provide new insight to firms considering the risk management and replication possibilities of funds. View the full research here.

Cleaning Closets

MPI’s Returns-Based Style Analysis (RBSA) is featured in CFA Magazine. See the full article here.

Lifting the lid on hedge fund risks

This article containing details on MPI and their innovative Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA) is published in The Financial Times, a UK’s international business newspaper.

Big DSA is watching you!

MPI and Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA) are feature in the July issue of Banque & Finance, the leading banking publication in Geneva, Switzerland. Learn more about DSA here.

A Strategy Aiming to Pump Returns Gains Clout but May Be ‘No Free Lunch’

An article in the Wall Street Journal features analysis and commentary by MPI CEO Michael Markov on the mutual fund 130/30 investment strategy.

When Long Means Loss

A look at potential loss issues with regard to long-only investing – includes analysis by MPI featured in an article by Lipper HedgeWorld.

Outlook 2006: A Challenging Comparison

Lipper HedgeWorld New York Bureau Chief Chidem Kurdas tests MPI’s ability to replicate hedge fund returns and detect “alternative beta”. See the full article here.